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Augmented Reality Escape Room

Be a part of a world first: a real-life team game against the clock, played inside an Augmented Reality world.
Coming to Cheltenham - 2019

Location based experience

Come to our movie-set quality space, and live an experience in our interactive, custom built, set.

See the hidden virtual world

Put on a headset (or handheld device) and you can see an alternate reality all around you.
You can experience situations previously only possible in video games and imaginations, and see the world around you transform as you interact with it.

Teams Race against the clock

Teams of up to 5 have one hour to stop a rogue Bad AI and escape. Do you have the composure to work together under pressure?

Solve the puzzles

Our puzzle and challenges involve interacting with the real world, which affects the virtual world you can see. No pressing buttons on controllers - you just use your hands and your head. Blur the lines between real and virtual as you uncover the story and win the game!

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Inbetween Realities is still under development, but we hope to be opening early 2019. The initial site will be in Cheltenham, UK. If we can let you know when we open, please enter your E-Mail address using the form above - you'll get no spam/third parties, only occasional updates from us.
2 - 5 players can play at once. The minimum age is currently planned to be 12, subject to change. There is some expensive equipment used, and we'll find the lowest age we can be sure will be able to safely look after the gear.
The first experience available is "Chapter 1", and follows the story of a local government orginisation losing control of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program. We don't want to give away spoilers just yet, but we can say you will be sucked into a bespoke story with unique characters and a storyline that will continue in future chapters.
We will be continiously tuning the experience to get the difficulty just right. Compared to other escape rooms, Inbetween Realities has a lot more dynamic content - so if you get stuck then the game can course correct as you play.
Our first edition is running on Microsoft Hololens and google Tango. Both are untethered Augmented Reality (AR) devices, meaning you can walk around and intract freely with your environment. No cables, and no controllers/complex buttons. Hololens is a HMD, worn on the head. Tango is handheld like a phone. Players can choose their device based on preference, and swap during the game. These devices let you see the AR world, and you interact with it just as you would the real world.
There are various sensors hidden in the room, and combined with the sensors on the devices which each player wears, the software can track what players are doing. This makes the AR view change with the players actions, and electronic props also react to what's going on. If you're interested in the technical work that goes into this, check out the blog!
We don't want to give too much away! But expect puzzles and challenges that are solved by interacting with your environment.
You might send a teammate to stand on an AR pressure pad, which holds open a real door, letting you go through and find a key unlocking that box from the start, which floods out water when opened... So maybe you can use the water to...
Spoilers! We do wish we could give away more, but the discovery of new puzzles is a main part of the fun, and we want players to experience that.
Absolutely! All you need is common sense and intuition. Inbetween Realities isn't about fancy tech - it just supports the experience. You will need the ability to communicate with your team, work with your hands, and solve problems against the clock. The technology makes the experience beautiful and very cool, but there's no technical ability needed. No buttons or game-pads or fancy waveing arm gestures to learn - just you and the environment.
All you really need to know is it's an hour experience you play with a group of 2-5 players. You'll have fun and discover something new and unexpected. Because that's what's important in life: cool new experiences with friends and family.
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Inbetween Realities is still under development, but please say hello anyway. We can't wait to hear from you!

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